Ceramic Detailer

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Ceramic Detailer is a ready to use quick detail spray with a dual purpose making it perfect for both protection and quick detailing. This detailer is safe for all surfaces (plastic, carbon fiber, painted surfaces, plexiglass, and more). Ceramic Detailer is unique in its ability to encapsulate light dirt lifting it away from the surface and allowing users to wipe the product clean without scratching the surface while maintaining protection and easier cleanups in the future.

Directions: Spray directly onto surface and wipe product into surface with a clean towel

Customer Reviews

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Roger Thompson

Never received - tracking number never made it to UPS. Be careful!!!!!

Don. G.
Slick Treatmwnt

Mudtraxx ceramic detailer works awesome. Leaves you surface shinny, slick, and back to factory looks.

One Great Detailer!

I have been excited to write this review about this new Ceramic Detailer by MudTraxx. When I first heard about this product, I had to try it. I tested it thoroughly for a month on a couple of side by sides and a couple of vehicles. How did I test the Ceramic Detailer? Let me explain in detail. I live in an area that has a lot of trees. In those trees live an abundance of birds. I have to park under these adorable birds that go about their daily lives eating and singing and doing birdy things. Some of these “things” are not very nice... especially to a paint job. With MudTraxx Ceramic Detailer the usually mundane task of cleaning up after these little beauties of nature became suddenly very easy. Just a quick splash of water from the hose and the guano is gone...that quick. I would recommend this product without hesitation to anyone that wants to keep their vehicles looking freshly detailed even days after actually detailing it. I give MudTraxx Ceramic Detailer an A rating...a rating I don’t usually give to many items.

Dan Erickson


Robert Grant
Shining like new!

I used the ceramic detailer after the inferno wash. It’s shined up my Z950 like the day it came off the showroom floor. Muddtraxx products are awesome!