Inferno Wash

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Unmatched versatility.

Inferno Wash breaks all the rules when it comes down to what a wash product should be. Labor intensive scrubbing becomes a thing of the past with Inferno Wash. This unique no-touch formula is a versatile all around exterior wash designed to break down surface on contact. True to its name Inferno Wash will melt the grime off before your very eyes thus doing much of the hard work for you. Inferno Wash is non-corrosive making it ideal for all surfaces (plastic, rubber, aluminum, and more!)


Directions for use: For a standard bucket wash, mix 1 ounce (3 cap fulls) of solution per each gallon of water in the bucket. Wash as normal then rinse off, or once cleaning results are achieved, simply dry off the surface.

For No Touch Foam Cannon, pour 4 ounces of wash solution in the foam cannon and fill with water. For extreme foam add 6 ounces of concentrate.

Customer Reviews

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William Austin

Still waiting for my delivery. I have not received the product I ordered.


Alex Hand

This product works great.

Dean Grishaber

I have not received my order

Jim Thomas

Prct h +++

Troy Matejcek

I used the Inferno wash the other day on my ATV. My ATV was not real muddy but it was stained from the iron ore mines in northern MN. I foamed my ATV with a cheap foam gun and rinsed it off with a spray nozzle. The mud just melted off but the staining was still there because it is a pain to remove. I took a wet sponge and wiped the staining away with no elbow grease.
Amazing product.